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Case Examples of Health Anxiety

 George, a lawyer, living with his wife and two children, had always been a health conscious person but had never experienced any major health concerns.  A particularly stressful bout at... | view full article

A Proposed Learning Model of Body Dysmorphic Disorder

A Proposed Learning Model of Body Dysmorphic Disorder Fugen Neziroglu and Lauren M. Mancusi Bio-Behavioral Institute, Great Neck, NY USA 1. Introduction While it is common for individuals... | view full article

What is Depersonalization?

WHAT IS DEPERSONALIZATION? By: Katharine Donnelly, Ph.D. Symptoms of depersonalization include subjective feelings of unreality, feeling detached from your mental or physical activities,... | view full article

People, places, and emotional contamination: A common but underrecognized form of OCD

Most people are familiar with contamination fears in OCD.  Typically sufferers are fearful of commonly known sources of contamination, such as dirt, germs, feces/urine, household chemicals,... | view full article

What is Social Phobia?

What is Social Phobia? The main feature of social phobia is a persistent and uncontrollable fear of social situations, including situations where one is expected to perform. People with this... | view full article

What is Panic Disorder?

What is Panic Disorder? Imagine that you were just going about your business and suddenly you notice a snarling tiger, teeth bared crouched in front of you. How would you feel? What physical... | view full article

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