quizzes: Anxiety Disorders

Could you Suffer from Hoarding? Take this quiz

Almost everyone has some packrat tendencies, but not everyone is a compulsive hoarder. Take this quiz, adapted from Dr. Neziroglu’s book “Overcoming Compulsive Hoarding” to help... | view full article

Could you be an Animal Hoarder? Take this quiz

Many people are lovers of animals, wanting to rescue them, care for them, feed them, and love them. Not only do we often have close emotional bonds with our pets, but often receive unconditional... | view full article

Do you Suffer from Depersonalization Disorder? Take this quiz

Depersonalization can be a disorder in of itself but is also present as a symptom in many other conditions, such as post traumatic stress disorder, borderline personality disorder, panic disorder,... | view full article

Do you Suffer from Scrupulosity? Take this quiz

Could you suffer from a common OCD symptom called scrupulosity? Scrupulosity is a common OCD symptom in which the individual is overly concerned with morality and religion.  SCORING... | view full article

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